Sunday, September 15, 2013

It Was Probably That Dead, Rotting Bird

The review for "Eye of the Beholder" should have gone up last night or this morning, but will be delayed until sometime this week. Blame my dog Molly. I had watched about half the episode yesterday when she decided to get sick and almost die. Probably for attention.

I'll spare y'all the (disgusting) details, but after a trip to the vet, the official diagnosis seems to be: Dog Probably Ate Something Nasty; Incurable Stupidity. She'll hopefully be home tomorrow and is expected to recover fully. I, who remembers the vet bill from the last time when the other dog did the same damn thing, am not.

Still, I may be eating ramen and mac & cheese for the foreseeable future, but Miss Molly will be there to obnoxiously beg from me, which is all to the good.


  1. I would think that if even humans can smell rotten things well enough to avoid eating them, dogs certainly could...

    In any case, my condolences for your dog and your bank account.

  2. Thanks. She is extremely stupid. Adorable, but dumb. At least all the other dog wanted was to roll around on the bird carcass. A bath is so much less expensive than a trip to the vet.

  3. I know the feeling. Heck, a long time ago, my dog had one of my pills (I think one of our cats knocked the container off the counter) and had to get a check up to confirm she would be okay.

    But here's hoping she's okay.