Monday, September 30, 2013

I Am Lame

Literally, since I twisted my ankle yesterday morning while running around with the dogs doing something undefined but badass. This may not seem like a good excuse for procrastinating with my still-unfinished "City of Stone" review, since most people don't type with their ankles (though I bet there's some weirdo contortionist out there that can), but waaah, I am a big baby and it hurts and I just want to lay around and watch TV and play Candy Crush and not think or write about things.

It's coming, though. Truthfully, I was having a hard time, since this four-parter was really amazing and I want to do it justice and I was (am) still a little flummoxed on how to write about it and blah blah blah no-one-cares-about-my-so-called-"process." I will finish, if for no other reason than I want to keep watching the DVD's (I review each episode before watching the next). So watch for that, sometime this week.

Also, in other amazing-TV-show news - JESSE PINKMAN IS ALIVE AND FREE, THANK FUCKING GOD. Whew.

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