Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gargoyles: "Eye of the Beholder"

In which Xanatos and Fox get bestial.

PREVIOUSLY ON GARGOYLES:  Xanatos donated the Eye of Odin to a museum before stealing it back; Fox and Xanatos are together.

Apologies for the delay and for what I fear is the half-assedness of this review. Besides all the drama with Molly the dog (she's home and just fine now, btw) I've been fighting off a migraine since last night.
So the Eye of Odin isn't just some fancy trinket, but a for-real magical talisman that is supposed to grant insight into someone's true nature? Cool. What insight did we get into our characters in this episode? Let's go one by one:

Fox Goes Feral: We might as well start here, as she is the one actually wearing the Eye. The Were-Fox is aggressive and takes what she wants. She loves Xanatos. And, as the screencap above shows, she's hot for him. I don't specifically recall, but the sexual nature of her attack on Xanatos in the bedroom probably passed me by as a kid, but watching that scene today? Um, yeah. These are all things we already knew about Fox. What's of more interest to me is the view into her relationship with Xanatos. I loved the proposal scene for her reaction of "what about love?" She may have been trying to provoke an admission of love, but not in an insecure or needy way. She seemed more curious than anything else as to what he'd say. On the other hand, she spent a month waking up naked and confused in various parts of the city, which would surely be frightening even to a badass like Fox, and didn't confide in Xanatos. Is this just independence? Is she afraid of showing weakness, even to her fiance? Or something darker, does she not trust him?

Xanatos the Romantic: If Fox wonders if Xanatos loves her, he spends the episode proving he does, somewhat unwillingly. He was dismissive of love in his proposal (dude, what happened to "true love is so much harder to come by"?), but his actions tell a different story. He may have sounded callous to the point of sociopathy with the "spilled milk" bit, but look at his face!


Mr. Cool is worried! And then there's his much-vaunted contingencies. Plans A,B, & C may have been standard Xanatos - clever but unsuccessful - but the next ones showed clear desperation. I mean, Plan D was honesty, for crying out loud.  And Plan E was, what? "Follow these people who hate me around all night in hopes they'll change their minds about helping me?" The whole situation was out of his hands, and what's less Xanatosian than that? I almost felt sorry for him.

Goliath the Wise: The big guy is the one who's not fooling himself this episode. He sees right through Xanatos' attempted manipulations and initially refuses to help. Still he sees hope in they idea that even Xanatos can find love, even if he's disgusted by the way the man views it as a weakness. He gets the last word in and the Eye of Odin. He's in love with Elisa himself, and I believe he's perfectly aware of it. 

Elisa the Beauty: C'mon, Belle? She may not think it'll go anywhere, but she's totally in love with Goliath, too. She is also still emphatically anti-Xanatos and jumps to the entirely reasonable conclusion that the Were-Fox is another mutant from his and Sevarius little Lab O' Horrors. She may not like Fox either, but I loved the compassionate touch of covering her with her skirt. She looks good in stockings and a thigh-holster.

Trio: The guys didn't figure into the action much, but as in "The Mirror" they're still feeling their isolation and want to walk among the humans. 

Owen: Not only is he Xanatos' executive assistant, consigliere, and all-around Number One, but he's also apparently the damn butler. I can only assume his salary is enormous. I loved him pointing out how Xanatos' priorities had shifted, and the "you've never looked more heroic" "A momentary lapse, I assure you." exchange.

Hudson: Was he in this episode? I don't remember.

Random thoughts:
  • Are there actual werewolves in the Gargoyles world? If so, they must be super dangerous, what with the moon always being full.
  • I thought for a while that Brooklyn was wearing an Aladdin costume, in yet more Disney synergy, but now I'm sure he was just an ordinary pirate.
  • What was with Broadway eating his hat?
  • If I were Fox, I'd be demanding an awesome engagement present from Xanatos, since the first one almost killed her and is now in Goliath's possession.

Next time, everyone's favorite criminal couple exchange "Vows."

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