Monday, January 30, 2017

New Year, New Project!

So, I've come out of hibernation for a brand-new project, combining two things I love: Star Trek and reading! There is a whole lot of Star Trek books out there and most (or the ones I've read, anyway) range from pretty-good to excellent. I thought I would read (or re-read) some and post my thoughts, chapter by chapter, kind of like how they re-read books over at Tor, only probably more rambling and silly. (Full disclosure: I'm hoping this will help break my own writing block.)

So. I thought about re-reading the books in what is known as the Deep Space 9 Relaunch, because that was my favorite Trek show and also those books were excellent, but then I thought that maybe I should try a series I'd never read. After dithering a bit, I decided on Star Trek:Vanguard. So I bought the first book, Harbinger (by veteran Trek author David Mack).

Here's what I know going in:
  • Vanguard is set at the same time as the original series.
  • On a space station. On the "frontier." Which sounds familiar.
  • Kirk, et al. appear, but it's not about them.
  • It's been described as Star Trek done HBO-style. (Which sounds awesome. If there are shades of Deadwood here I may die.)
  • There's a lesbian Vulcan.
So, I'm excited!

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