Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gargoyles: "Her Brother's Keeper"

In which sibling rivalry abounds.

Apologies for the half-assedness, but life remains unexpectedly busy. I quite liked this episode, but I think I'll just have to go for the bullet points:
  • What is Elisa's problem? Goliath told her repeatedly that she could tell her brother about the gargoyles, urged her to do it even, and she wouldn't. Derek working for Xanatos is clearly leading nowhere good and she's going kick herself for not doing everything she could to stop it. Speaking as a fellow big sister, just bossing the little brother around won't cut it, c'mon.
  • I...kinda love Hyena and Jackal. They're so nuts.
  • Xanatos, that magnificent bastard. And Fox is in love with him. I don't remember that being shown so early in the show. I wonder if Elisa picked up on it. She should have, but she's rather emotionally tone-deaf all episode.
  • I laughed hard at her cornering her brother in the men's locker room.
  • Lex can fix up a wrecked helicoptor in one night? Whatever.
  • Xanadu? Hee. Myself, I would've gone with 'Camp David' 

 Next up, season one finale! I will make more of an effort for "Reawakening."

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